About Auto Title Loans in Lubbock, TX

• Borrowers are free to choose their repayment packages, but Foxhill Title Lending will be glad to provide recommendations to help you to select the most affordable plan for your income.

• When you need to sign loan papers, you can stop by a convenient loan store in the Lubbock area.

• Credit checks are not part of the loan process, so you can’t be turned down for credit problems.

• Secured loans often provide borrowers with much better interest rates and bigger loan amounts.

• You will never be asked why or how you’ll utilize your loan funds.

• Everyone gets to continue driving their vehicles with no driving restrictions.

• The loan process is easy and quick. Pay outs are distributed within one business day of applying.

How the Lubbock Car Title Loans Process Works at Foxhill Title Lending


There are no fees to apply for title loans in Lubbock, and any information you supply on our secured website will be kept confidential.


When you pledge your vehicle as collateral for the loan, we take your vehicle information to the Kelly Blue Book database to look up the current resale value. Borrowers receive a loan offer, which is a percentage of their car’s value based on their ability to make monthly payments.

Generally, loan offers are much higher on newer vehicles because they are in the best condition and worth more money. Borrowers with older automobiles might expect to receive an offer of a few hundred, and borrowers with newer cars or trucks could receive an offer worth several thousand dollars.

Choosing Loan Terms

Loan terms determine how quickly you’ll repay the loan and the size of payment amounts. In Texas, you can choose a short repayment period of as little as 30 days to pay off the loan quickly. You may also take as long as 180 days if it works out better for your budget. In Texas, interest rates for car title loans cannot exceed 10 percent.

Signing a Loan Agreement

To make sure borrowers understand the terms of the loan and what they are agreeing to, auto title loan regulations require that the loan terms are stated in a written contract. Contracts will state:

• The interest rate you are agreeing to.

• How much money you’ll pay in interest.

• The amount of money you are financing for the loan.

• Fees associated with the loan.

Making Payments

Each borrower will also receive a handy loan repayment schedule, which provides them with their loan due dates and payment amounts to begin making their payments.

Foxhill Title Lending is ready to help with cash from title loans Lubbock for last minute emergencies, unexpected repairs or anything else.


Applying for Car Title Loans in Lubbock, TX

Requirements to Apply for Loans

• You’ll need a steady source of money to repay the loan. Acceptable income can come from a part-time or full-time job. However, it can also come from other sources such as government benefits like unemployment or disability. Self-employment, Social Security and pension income are also acceptable sources of income.

• A car title, which will provide the collateral you need to secure the loan. You should note that the title must be in your name for legal purposes. Titles must also be free of liens in order to process the loan.

• Since auto title loans in Lubbock are secured loans, your vehicle must be in running condition to satisfy loan requirements.

• Proof of your age can be satisfied by presenting your driver’s license or a state identification card. To meet federal requirements, applicants must be at least 18 years old or older.

Selecting an Application Method

• If you have access to internet service and a computer, we encourage you to apply online using our short online application.

• Applications can also be taken over the phone, which gives you a chance to ask questions before applying.

• Our loan center stores in Lubbock make it easy to stop by to meet us in person and submit your application information.

Submitting Your Application

For the most part, it may take as much as five minutes of your time to fill in and submit your application. You’ll need to submit a small amount of information about your vehicle, which helps us to determine your loan amount. Additionally, we will need contact information, so we can speak with you about obtaining a loan. To get the loan process started, we’ll need the following:

• The year of your automobile and the make, model and style. You’ll also need the odometer reading or a mileage estimate.

• A phone number where we can reach you, your zip code and your full name.

Receiving Your Upfront Loan Estimate

To keep applicants informed during the loan process, all applicants applying for Lubbock title loans receive an instant loan quote directly after applying. Of course, it’s possible this amount may differ slightly after we talk about your income during your loan consultation. However, the loan estimate should be close enough to help you make financial choices.